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walking workshop in italyCore Integrated Walking: Full Body Movement from Feet to Spine
with Josef DellaGrotte in the Italian Dolomites (at Lozzo di Cadore)

“We learn to walk by walking… intrinsically an act in space and time that we generate while becoming ourselves… It is impossible to be aware of oneself without being able to walk properly, and without knowing which direction to go in… Every moment of wonder [stupore] begins by meeting the world, lifting the feet…”

“The basic foundation of fitness… studies show improvement in metabolic functions, reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, regulation of high blood pressure, reduction of arthritis; heightened immune resistance to common colds, plus a host of other benefits to the entire body. Walking improves the efficiency of the heart and lungs, burns fat and calories, builds muscle and bone strength. Unlike running, dancing, and related activities, walking is easier on the joints and the back, and walking strengthens more muscles than running… and is a safe exercise for joints that may have been damaged. There are no injuries [let it be noted] named after walking, and it has the lowest dropout rate of any exercise.”– Gary Yanker, exercise specialist, cited as a founding father of walking exercise.

proper walking core movement integrationWalking Requires Skill: Learn the most advanced techniques for walking well and fit for life, free of problems that compromise the body and health- Plus an unforgettable residential experience

July 10-15, Mon-Sat
Flights: to Venice, Italy, then bus to Lozzo from airport
Seminar cost: $475, with translation as needed
Housing: $125 and up, depending on choice of shared apartment or B and B, airB&B, etc.
More Information: 978-461-0221

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