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Benefits of CMI for Everyone

  • Relieve pain and stiffness
  • Notice inefficient movement habits and change them
  • Use your body to re-train your brain
  • Move more easily
  • Learn to create uplift to counteract gravity
  • Sit erect more easily

Tap into your natural way of moving, connect from foot to head through your core.

Learn easy, interesting, engaging movements.

Improve confidence, posture, balance, flexibility, strength.

Benefits of CMI for Bodywork Practitioners

  • Make your work easier
  • Optimize your body mechanics to generate power with increased ease
  • Increase your creativity and ability to solve client issues
  • Achieve results with less time and effort
  • Use CMI to identify and release soft tissue and joint restrictions.
  • Improve carryover, reinforce your work: give your clients a simple home exercise using the integrated movements of the CMI Pathways
  • Join a community of thoughtful, inquisitive, imaginative practitioners

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CMI uses movement sequences that tap into your natural way of moving, connecting from foot to head through your core.

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