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I am wowed by the richness and usefulness applicability of Josef Dellagrotte’s Core Movement Integration educational materials, especially the book-manual, Instructions from Within, plus his 5 DVDs and 6 CDs–affordable and one of the best investments I have ever made with regards to my health and well-being. The lesson-exercises are a goldmine, giving me valuable insight I needed to troubleshoot my own chronic musculoskeletal issues that have confounded me for over 30 years (which involve my right foot, buttocks, sacrum and low back and neck) and are exacerbated by driving, working on a computer, reading and, can you believe it, even walking. Josef’s work is nothing short of being the “Rosetta Stone” of Movement.

I am an Occupational Therapist, studying movement for several decades now, functional mobility being my passion. Humbly, I learned that I was missing a couple of the foundational movement pathways in my everyday movement repertoire which translates to pain, stiffness, dysfunction, debility”. I am exceedingly grateful to Josef for making the esoterics of whole-body, multi-plane movement so simple and understandable and yet simultaneously radical in this time when so many of today’s mainstream “experts” are instructing the public to maintain and thus rigidify the spine and pelvis. Josef’s generous sharing of knowledge transformed my experience of walking almost overnight, and gave me the movements back that I needed to stabilize my SI joint and say goodbye to plantar fasciitis. It is amazing how a little insight and understanding can lead to profound change and transformation. I am only sorry that I did not discover Josef’s work decades ago, both for my own wellbeing, and for that of my patients. With Gratitude, Thank you!! ~Shonduel, OTR/L, Ukiah, California