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Core Movement Integration: Introducing Six Pathways to Lifelong Fitness and Wellness


“This booklet introduces a mindful, integrative and comprehensive movement education and exercise system. Included are instructions in Core Movement Integration’s six Movement Pathways, as well as short essays and movement lessons that explain their underlying concepts.” ~Kimi Hasegawa, MS, LPT

TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroducing Six Pathways cover b

What is Core Movement Integration?
Dr. Josef DellaGrotte
Four Fundamental Concepts of Core Movement Integration
Additional Important Concepts of Core Movement Integration
Mapping the Body-Mind System Using Pathways
Tracking Movement
Practice Tips
The How, What, When and Where of Practicing
Understanding the Instructions
Introducing the Six Pathways (Standing)
Supine – Lying on Your Back
The Scoop-up – Lying on Your Side
Active Sitting
Using Exercise Bands
Additional Resources

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