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Josef DellaGrotte’s new book is now available in paperback!

Awaken Movement ~ The Key to Life: The Body’s Way of Knowing

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Acknowledgmentsawaken movement core movement integration dellagrotte
Note to the Reader
Introduction–Asleep or Just Confused: No Map, No Plan
Chapter 1–How I Began My Journey of Discoveries
Chapter 2–Return to The BiologicaI Imperative
Chapter 3–Crisis and Change
Chapter 4–Exercise and the Brain
Chapter 5–Born to Walk
Chapter 6–The Sedentary Sitting Epidemic
Chapter 7–Psycho-Somatic Connections: Where Body & Mind Meet Emotions, Feelings, Concepts, Beliefs
Chapter 8–Varieties of Movement Maintenance: Comparisons and Contrasts
Chapter 9–Needed Changes in Traditional Hands-On Therapies

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“Josef DellaGrotte offers a profoundly transforming approach to healing, integrating body movement with some of the latest findings in neuroscience. Having worked with him for many years, I can attest to the subtlety of his understanding and the effectiveness of re-wiring some of our old established patterns of how we move through the world. This book is a great contribution to the art of well-being.” ~Joseph Goldstein, author of Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening

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