2018-19 Boston Area Seminars & Labs

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Bands, Balls & Hula HoopsSat, 8/3, 3-6 pm
MaynardSummer LabNo
Grand Lab with Josef DellaGrotte Sat, 8/24 & Sun, 8/25
NatickOpen to Certified CMI Practitioners, CMI Certification Students & Invited Guests10 CMI credits toward certification &/or maintaining good standing in CMI Practitioners Association
Hands-on PracticeSat, 6/1, 3-6 pm
MaynardSummer LabNo
Evaluating a ClientSat, 7/6, 3-6 pm
MaynardSummer LabNo

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Why Study Core Movement Integration?

Path 4 Connecting Pelvic Posterior Crest w Related Thoracic Process

Improve your body…develop an easy yet effective exercise/fitness program…change habits. Each participant experiences hands-on applications by practitioners in training, under supervision.

Practitioners work with each other, followed by focused reviews and follow-up lab-reviews.

Long-lasting learning skills to maintain posture, improve function, maintain fitness and wellness for life.

“I got more from the last seminar, with the after effects, the continuing of the benefits, than by just the learning in the seminar…” Ginny Jackson, Yoga Teacher and Bodyworker

If you are a practitioner–physical therapist, massage therapist, etc.–this is where you want to be.

CMI Practitioner Certificate Program

“I am more effective as a therapist than ever before, with far less wear and tear on my body. What I learned in this training I now use most in my practice.” Arthur Madore, LMT

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Call 978-243-2427 with questions or for more information.

“Josef, Thank you for the wonderful course. It was so great to feel my body respond to the moves. I hope to take more classes and keep learning. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for offering this.” –Ginny Jackson, MT and Yoga teacher