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What to Practice?

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(the following is an excerpt from Introducing Six Pathways to Lifelong Fitness and Wellness, our e-book that is available for instant download…$10. Click here to order!) Practice what is enjoyable – you’ll be more likely to practice if you enjoy it. Practice what is easy and smooth first, then try…


A message to all of you—clients, students, learners: “This is a time of change and shifting priorities…in some ways, a form of “retirement” from my dedicated practice of close to 40 years. I will still be in private practice but now, much less—seeing clients in Barre, MA. I will still…

Demo–Tai Chi Qigong

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TAI CHI QIGONG-Made Easy Using Core Movement Pathways For over 4,000 years, Tai Chi is one of the best traditional exercises for higher level maintenance and body wellness–for joints, arthritis reduction and long life–now learned using body biomechanic levers, CMI pathway science and Feldenkrais movement awareness. If you’d like to…