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Foot to Spine Fundamentals: A CMI-ATM Lesson Exercise (video)

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Watch this video by Josef DellaGrotte: “This is a foundation movement, which I will demonstrate and show the functional application…” “…now, it looks like walking, but it could be throwing a ball, eventually playing golf, playing tennis…the applications are many. But the dynamic is the same…” “…a dance motion or…

Dance FUN-damentals

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A class that is really cooking! Dance may be just the thing to keep you going, heart and all! Join us for the next 4 sessions (need only some previous experience in this work) Learn the essential movement map for all dance forms using Feldenkrais awareness and Core Movement Integration…

Stayin’ Alive

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How did the great dancers do what they did? Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Rita Hayworth…they knew how to make their bodies move. Watch this great video, Rita Hayworth Is Stayin’ Alive. And then come to our new Wednesday Class…Foundations of Dance Movement…to learn the fundamentals of movement (not dance form)….