Have Human Beings Become Dumbed Down in Body & Movement Awareness?

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Human beings may be a species that has become intelligence compromised, ecologically and biologically out of tune, plus another major deficit: dumbed way down in body and movement awareness (compared to most animal species).

Despite the apparent but short-term rise of homo sapiens, demonstrating a possible illusory case of high biological adaptability and success, there is another side to examine.

Intelligence is far more than a Stanford-Binet test score. In nature, intelligence is mainly functional; that is, does it do something that promotes a higher level of health, safety, well-being, survival, quality and length of life?

Let me try a different approach: if an investment company or investment program could show you how to earn a 10% minimum to 20% rate of return, with empirical data, consistent on the average for over 200 years, would you be: mildly or highly interested? ready to sign on? What would be your motivation and the main benefits?

Now, if you could also do another kind of investment that showed you major benefits, such as maintaining functional fitness for a lifetime, dramatically reduced incidence and need for surgeries, joint replacements, pain and other medications, and with a consistently demonstrated rate of return on health and well-being of at least 20% to 50%, with empirical data from a few million years. Fluctuations, ups and downs, unforeseeable events, accidents and other unpredictables factored in, still showing that by learning and using such a program you would be enabled to live fit, long and well. Would you be interested? Less, more, “tell me more”? “Sign me on”?

What would be your priority benefit values here, and compared to financial investing benefits?

Such a program already exists! Organized, formed and in its primary stages of growth and development, based solidly on undisputable scientific principles, demonstrated in several research studies.

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~Josef DellaGrotte, Ph.D., Physio, Program Developer and Author of Awaken Movement ~ The Key to Life” [2016]

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