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Those who have had the opportunity and privilege of watching Josef DellaGrotte’s bodywork will undoubtedly recall moments of complete wonder – how does he know where the problem is? How does he know where to put his hands? How does he know how to move his hands? Sometimes it seems like “magic.”

Josef’s way of working may seem intuitive, but that’s not quite the best designation. Intuition comes from within and is defined as “the ability to understand something without the need for conscious reasoning.” Intuition is a singular event, applicable to only the particular event that produced it. Bodyworkers need more than intuition. To be effective, they need to develop their skills by a reliable and grounded scientific process that allows the results to be reproduced in multiple cases.

When athletes perform well–for example, can throw or hit a ball with precision–their skill (which may be developed from a natural aptitude, a talent) comes from observation, practice and integration of the whole body. Accurate physical performance of any kind, from simply walking to the complex actions in any sport practice, requires a precise coordination of brain-centered movement sensing that controls muscles, joints, fascia and other neuro-somatic components such as vectors of force and energy, and transmission pathways. This is the science behind the action that is not easily explained because of its sheer complexity.

Over many decades and thousands of treatments, Josef has developed the talent (not inborn, but developed) and skills to see the entirety of a functional action, and the parts and the paths that make it possible. This is a talent that accomplished, trained athletes, dancers and performers, as well as their coaches, all have developed. They can recognize patterns, then guide and suggest modifications to improve their movement actions.

You, too, can bring some “magic” into your life – if “magic” means to awaken your talents and to develop therapeutic bodywork skills. In Core Movement Integration (CMI), our pathway-based hands-on touch applications, performed with neuro-somatic empathic listening and guiding, will, with practice, enable you to understand the components of human movement and to “see” the whole picture.

Join our learning community by attending our training seminars and hand-on labs; you can see the schedule here.

-Josef DellaGrotte and Kimi Hasegawa

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