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Around age 50 (20 years ago) I started having repeated incidents of severe back strain, and so I tried various kinds of treatment and exercise and therapy systems, always with limited results. The last time, about 2 years ago, I seized up after pulling a few weeds, and it took months to improve instead of the usual days or weeks. Even after 5-6 months I was still limited in what I could do and felt somewhat fragile. So I pulled a name out of a hat and ended up seeing Sandy Burkart for a few Feldenkrais sessions, and he set me aright and gave me a full self-help program: your DVDs, tai chi classes, and walking.

The difference between Sandy’s sessions and approach to healing and that of chiropractors, physical therapists, and the miracle cure of the month people quickly became obvious. I had tried Feldenkrais sessions long ago but they weren’t effective. The movements did seem to help over time. So I had come to think of Feldenkrais as just one more method that might help a little bit. With the wisdom of years comes the understanding that most healers are simply not very good, especially the ones just starting out in their careers (like the Feldenkrais guy I first saw).

Recently I read more about Feldenkrais himself and got an appreciation of just how precise and thorough his approach was and what his senior students were able to do. CMI presents the principles in a simple, practical way that almost anyone should be able to make good use of. So I have become one of your evangelists. But I’m not on social media and don’t have a wide circle of acquaintances here in Florida, so spreading the word might take some time…”.

That’s my story,

Paul Breiter (Florida)


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