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The “secret” of Josef DellaGrotte’s talent coding: practice plus repetition with awareness plus functional experiential application, motivated by interest in discovery, enjoyment and quality of life.

“Intuitive” is not quite the best designation for this kind of talent. Intuition may come from signals from within but needs to be further developed by a reliable and grounded scientific process. Otherwise, it remains too abstract, in the realm of astrological readings, or other forms of reading signals, markings or who has glimpses but without any scientific basis.

Josef’s capacity is more like a trainer who can see the larger picture of true functional performance and see the details as well. When an athlete performs well–throws a ball with precision–this talent comes from observation, practice and integration. The science lies behind it, but the action cannot be easily explained in scientific terms because of the sheer complexity.

Accurate performance of any kind of action–dance, walk, swim or just throwing a ball well as in baseball, basketball or football–requires a precise coordination of brain-centered movement using its control of muscles, joints, fascia and any other neuro-somatic components.

Josef has developed the talent (not inborn, but developed) and skills to be able to see the entirety of a functional action, and the parts and the paths that make it possible. This is a talent that accomplished, trained athletes, dancers and performers all have, along with their coaches, those at their level, who can see these patterns, guide and suggest modifications of their functional movements.

Learn how to awaken these talents and further develop the skills of core-integrated, movement-centered therapeutic “bodywork” using touch and pathway read in the context of neuro-somatic empathic listening and guiding.

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