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A major crisis is looming for all the developed consumer countries with increasing ageing populations. Extending longevity without the means to maintain health and functional abilities is not sustainable economically or socially in any society, anywhere. Many millions are now ill-prepared to take care of themselves…already becoming a long, problem-loaded path of degenerative decline, with accompanying psychophysical disorders, anxiety, worry and depression, and brain deterioration.

Are you having body problems and pains – getting and feeling weaker as you get older?

Awaken Movement – the Key to Life takes you on a journey into the author’s personal and professional life experiences explaining how he developed and taught a failsafe program to reverse inevitable degeneration and downslides into illness and palliative care associated both with self-neglect and ageing. Even basic exercise–a necessary practice–is not always enough to stay the course.

Did you know that movement is the best body-brain food there is?

But not just any movement. Just as with food and diet, it’s the quality that makes all the difference. Ageing without improving body alignment, resonant motion flow, and basic biomechanics

  • requires enormous amounts of maintenance /therapy expenses,
  • causes degeneration of both body and mind.
  • often leads to feelings of helplessness, anxiety and depression

Any number of studies reveals that no amount of present medical coverage can manage the present looming crisis in health maintenance and long term care. The good news is: there are known ways to reverse and even to improve quality of life right up to our last days. Learn an integrative approach to awaken your body’s responsive ability to live fit, long and well!

All the scientific evidence is in.

All the logic and reasoning is in.

So how come it is not happening?

  • Conditioning and life habits
  • Few places to go to learn the skills. No clear paths in place.
  • Cognitive dissonance

How to Begin:

Get instruction on walking, dance, swimming or biking, and doing all other related exercises with good mechanics and body mindfulness. Choose exercises which can be done anywhere; this will upgrade the benefits up to 10 times or more.

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