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josef yearsA message to all of you—clients, students, learners:

“This is a time of change and shifting priorities…in some ways, a form of “retirement” from my dedicated practice of close to 40 years.

I will still be in private practice but now, much less—seeing clients in Barre, MA. I will still be occasionally teaching some workshops and local classes, especially walking and tai chi, and will be working with my teachers and colleagues to help them continue to develop this work.

Starting January 16, I’ll be away on a writing retreat (and my favorite activity…walking) in the Canary Islands of Spain—towards completing a second book on how to stay well and fit for life.

The vision, the mission, the means, the practices shall continue, as well as preparing our Core Movement Integration (CMI) competent practitioners to continue teaching and training others to meet the great challenge of helping people be able to stay well and fit while ageing. To extend our longevity for years but not to be able to engage in the activities we want to do and enjoy is a depressing scenario, one which is both avoidable and reversible. That alone is the big mission, a full-time undertaking. And so, I and CMI teachers will continue classes, workshops and professional training seminars for practitioners.

Being involved with all of you for so many years, I have learned so much from the exchanges, the connections, the mutual engaging in problem-solving somatic challenges. The mission still remains: develop a better, more accessible approach to maintaining the body-mind well and fit; create a new model so that millions being left to decline in a life limbo—never having been prepared for longevity—can learn how to live life fully and enjoyably without debilitation and pain and degenerative diseases. It is really a challenge, especially as we grow older. Without the right functional movements and exercises, mobility is reduced, more arthritic pains spread, further reducing exercise and inducing more problems.

The CMI project is to create programs that make it possible to literally live well and be able to do the things one wants until the day of transition (like the elephants that walk even to the graveyard by choice). I will still be practicing part time at the Listening Center in Barre, MA (Tues, Wed, or Thurs-Friday).

I will occasionally do workshops and classes which will be announced on our website.

I thank all of you for being with me, and I, with you, for so many years.”

Josef DellaGrotte

(For appointments in March, 2016, call Laura at office: 978-461-0221)

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