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“I am a physical therapist practicing for 25 years, studied and now certified in Core Movement Integration using Feldenkrais principles with Josef DellaGrotte. I began this process as a client not recovering well from herniated discs and sciatica with traditional therapies. As a competitive runner I could not accept being unable to run without pain. Now I have learned how to move more organized, pain-free, medication-free. I use what I have learned (and continue to learn) to assist my own clients in reducing pain and regaining functional movements” Jean Sarno, PT


Core Movement Integration: Dynamic Core Stabilization

Using Functional Anatomy to Create Movement Pathways
(2nd Course of 100-hour Training Program)

9:45 AM-6:00 PM
@ GravOxy Fitness, 17 South Ave, Suite 5, Natick, MA


Take CMI Seminars individually or as part of our 100-hour Certification Program

Re-train your brain, as well as your muscles and joints, to move with ease, efficiently and safely.

In this Seminar, you will learn to:

Engage the Brain
• learn cutting edge CMI Pathway lesson-exercises
• learn enhanced CMI/Feldenkrais movement awareness
• learn hands-on CMI mapping and “pathway” tracking.

Discover & Feel the Core Connections
• use functional anatomy and myofascial touch-feel to stimulate sensory-motor connections
• connect the trochanter/hip joints through the sit bones, pelvic floor, and S-I joints, into the lumbar and thoracic spine.

Use the CMI Pathways
• to activate abdominal muscles groups in the optimal order
• to use the “girdle group,” internal obliques and transversus abdominus
• to develop CNS “wiring” for new movement patterns

CMI engages the mind and the body so movement can flow efficiently. Learn to perceive and recognize connections – the missing piece in most conventional therapies – the goal and basis of CMI functional movement integration.

For Practitioners who want to:

• Upgrade hands-on bodywork
• Improve your own body—work smarter, not harder
• Learn long-lasting skills to maintain posture, improve function, maintain fitness & wellness for life for your clients & yourself

Early Registration: $175 by 4/22; $190
CMI Certification Program Members: $160

For non-practitioners: personal training clients are welcome
$125; register early—spots are limited

Josef DellaGrotte,Certified Feldenkrais trainer & LMT, with certified assistant teachers, will demonstrate how the method works, using awareness through movement lesson exercises & hands-on facilitation. Certified Assistant Teachers include Kimi Hasegawa, LPT, Deborah Hledik, LMT, Ann Strand, LPT and Pam Turci, LMT

Register Early
Mail check: CMI, PO Box 95, Barre, MA 01005
Online via PayPal (button below)
Call for more information 978-461-0221

Dynamic Core Stabilization 4/30/16


“It was a privilege to be part of [the Spine Workshop] in Castrocaro. The sessions were wonderful, instructive and helpful. I was charmed by the lovely group of people who are practitioners. And, of course, the region of Emilia Romagna was special.

Your approach makes a great deal of sense to me. I was amazed at my (relative) ease of movement, really from very early on in the course, and certainly by the close of the 3 days.”
Marilyn Yakowitz

—————————————————————————Workshops in Italy–Core Movement Integration & Feldenkrais Principles with Josef DellaGrottitalye

An extraordinary international experience!

CMI-Core Integrated Walking Work/Playshop in the Italian “Dolomites”

Join the best Italian teachers and practitioners for a special–quite extraordinary–week of learning everything about your body and the most beneficial of functional movement exercises: walking.

Postgrad is 3 days: July 8-10
Regular basic training course is July 11-17, ending at 1pm sunday

Our Italian CMI associates have arranged this onetime extended workshop/seminar…mostly for practitioner training but also including space for a few personal learning clients.

It includes: 3 days of advanced practitioner training (only for those qualified), and 7 days of “foundation” basics with emphasis on walking.

Practitioners (qualified): full 10 days $675 by check; includes 45 hours towards training, plus marvelous vacation plus deductible business expense!
Practitioner 7-day option: $475
Non-practitioner personal learning: 7 days, 5 hours daily $395. Space limited.

josef la palmaYour decision by March 22 latest, please! That’s the date when they count registrants and decide if it is a definite go (especially at lowest tuition in years). Rooms, single and double in local B&Bs or pensiones go from $30-45 daily (depending: single or shared double, possible weekly rate). For further details, including room reservations (extra), contact Josef DellaGrotte directly: email: dellagrotteCI @ or office: 978-461-0221
Air travel: Boston to Venice, then local train to Lozzo di Cadore.

Italian website:



Congratulations to Byron! 

” I just got promoted to Yondan (4th Dan) in Aikido, for the New Year!!”

From Byron Eddy (post Advanced Seminar)

“…You know I have been practicing Aikido for over thirty years and it also is one of those elusive obvious phenomena’s. And that is why I keep coming [to CMI workshops]. It gets a little clearer each time and sometimes there are great leaps forward,sometimes there are plateaus that can seem to go on forever. The point is that I have the same experience when I go to CMI seminars such as this recent one. I came away feeling new connections and new confidence.

Of course, one can stay at home and practice and make gains but it is the group experience and the skill of a master teacher that illuminate the path. That is why I keep coming. I am so grateful that you are there for us.

All the best…and can’t wait to get back up there. “- Byron


ADDITIONAL PROFESSIONAL TRAINING WORKSHOPS are being scheduled…please Contact Us if you’re interested in our Courses!

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