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“I am a physical therapist practicing for 25 years, studied and now certified in Core Movement Integration using Feldenkrais principles with Josef DellaGrotte. I began this process as a client not recovering well from herniated discs and sciatica with traditional therapies. As a competitive runner I could not accept being unable to run without pain. Now I have learned how to move more organized, pain-free, medication-free. I use what I have learned (and continue to learn) to assist my own clients in reducing pain and regaining functional movements” Jean Sarno, PT

Core Integrated Walking–Improving…for Life!

Easy-to-Learn Precision Movement & Lesson-exercises

With Josef DellaGrotte, CFP, LMT_physio and assistants

Josef is an accomplished master walker (recently completed 1,000 km on the El Camino Santiago…plus the Himalayas, Alps and years of racewalking)

October 24, 9:45 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Samadhi Integral Center, 796 Beacon Street, Newton Center

This course describes and teaches the body’s “foundation” of walking well and fit through the Feldenkrais principles and the Dellagrotte Core Movement Integration (CMI) method. Reach to efficient, integrated movement using your body-brain’s basic ability to sense, move, map and somatically shift. Learn and improve.

Upgrade from old, wear-producing habits, saving your joints and avoiding costly (often undependable and unsuccessful) parts replacements.

DATE CHANGE: Tuesday, December 1 (time to be determined)
Introduction to Walking Method and special slide presentation on the “Camino Santiago” experience!

How to walk, physically and psychophysically using meditation and body awareness through movement with Josef DellaGrotte, therapist and Camino Pilgrim Trekker.
An introduction on the neuro-somatics and biomechanics of walking in the context of a spiritual, meditative practice over 1,000 years. (Pilgrims have walked the 1,000 Camino miles and more in France and Spain since the 11th century.)

Samadhi Integral Center, 796 Beacon Street, Newton Center

$165 for Saturday Workshop only; early registration discount: $150 by 10/13

For Tuesday (12/1) Evening Slideshow/Demo only: $35 payable on arrival (pre-register by email: lauramd.2010 @

Workshop Only

Workshop & Slideshow/Demo


“It was a privilege to be part of [the Spine Workshop] in Castrocaro. The sessions were wonderful, instructive and helpful. I was charmed by the lovely group of people who are practitioners. And, of course, the region of Emilia Romagna was special.

Your approach makes a great deal of sense to me. I was amazed at my (relative) ease of movement, really from very early on in the course, and certainly by the close of the 3 days.”
Marilyn Yakowitz

Workshops in Italy–Core Movement Integration & Feldenkrais Principles with Josef DellaGrotte

An extraordinary international experience!

Special Advanced Training Seminar in BOLOGNA, ITALY

Dates: April 29-May 3, 2015

WALKING WELL AND FIT with Josef DellaGrotte, Phd, GCFP-physio, trainer and CMI trainer, master walker, therapist and movement educator

An offer for experienced, practicing and specialized hands-on practitioners to learn a new, advanced, in-depth and comprehensive approach: mapping movement pathways, hands-on precision moves, clinical applications–all in the setting of Bologna, Italy (a great city, easily reachable through many airlines) with the best food and wines. A profound and enjoyable experience in early Spring.

April 29-30: HANDS-ON Advanced training

italy screenshotMay 1: Clinic & Practicum with selected local clients, Josef, selected assistants, and then practice among practitioners

May 2-3 Training Seminar in Walking Well & Fit

Walking Workshop Italy

Castrocara, Italy…Walking Workshop

Tuition Package: $500 (discounted from euros 600)
Hotel & Food: based on 6-nights’ stay: $450-$500, shared room.
Translation available (English and Italian)
Travel Boston-Bologna is separate.


To Register: Call 978-461-0221 for details and payment; credit cards are accepted, or contact us. (Practitioners: please indicate your bodywork or movement training background.)

Italian website:


Congratulations to Byron! 

” I just got promoted to Yondan (4th Dan) in Aikido, for the New Year!!”

From Byron Eddy (post Advanced Seminar)

“…You know I have been practicing Aikido for over thirty years and it also is one of those elusive obvious phenomena’s. And that is why I keep coming [to CMI workshops]. It gets a little clearer each time and sometimes there are great leaps forward,sometimes there are plateaus that can seem to go on forever. The point is that I have the same experience when I go to CMI seminars such as this recent one. I came away feeling new connections and new confidence.

Of course, one can stay at home and practice and make gains but it is the group experience and the skill of a master teacher that illuminate the path. That is why I keep coming. I am so grateful that you are there for us.

All the best…and can’t wait to get back up there. “- Byron


ADDITIONAL PROFESSIONAL TRAINING WORKSHOPS are being scheduled…please Contact Us if you’re interested in our Courses!

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