Core Movement Integration (CMI)

is an exercise system that uses the body to re-train the brain.

Get back to moving confidently, safely and easily.

“I could not walk a city block without stopping and resting. In only two sessions with you, I am now doing better than in the last ten years, with all the treatments I have had…”
Frederick Goodwin

CMI uses movement sequences that tap into your natural way of moving, connecting from foot to head through your core.

Moving efficiently decreases pain, increases strength, flexibility and improves posture.

  • Learn easy, interesting and engaging movements
  • Get upright, not uptight
  • Come out better: in posture, flexibility, balance, strength, fitness, wellness, confidence
  • Restore your body to its natural biological potential!

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Just a quick little personal testimony about this work. About one year ago I started having a problem with my left shoulder probably due to overwork and Aikido training. My right shoulder was always the issue but that was pretty much resolved. The pain got to the point of not sleeping and making work not enjoyable and curtailed my workouts for the first time in years. I went for deep massage which only aggravated the situation, found a chiropractor who did active release and brought temporary relief, and started acupuncture which helped with sleep. Three weeks ago I came up to Boston for a personal retreat and to get help. Arthur graciously gave me ample time in his office in Dorchester. He quickly assessed that I was moving my shoulder muscles out of sequence and not as an “end” result of my center/pelvis moving. He also easily connected my ribs which weren’t turning. These are things I observe in others but not in myself! The following day I attended Josef’s weekly class in Watertown and took a walk after. I haven’t even been able to walk without intense pain. I am happy to report that the pain is gone and I am back to fast walking and working pain free! Thank you. —Byron Eddy, LMT

(Imagine a near future when this kind of ‘somatic’ bodywork is taught to physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and all those who really want to improve people…not just treat problems or maintain imbalanced movement habits.Josef DellaGrotte)

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